If the user finds any issue in the purchased design, so the user can claim for that and the issue will be resolved within 12 hours by Embroidery Guruji. Once the user claims about the issue in the bought design, so a new file will be shared via email with all the issues resolved.

If Embroidery Guruji receives any complaint from the user, so the designer who has made that design will be responsible for that complaint and the payment for that design won’t be given to that designer. Embroidery Guruji will cut off the whole amount for that design.

Consistency in the errors in designs of the same designer may result in the permanent blockage of that designer from Embroidery Guruji website. If there are several complains received from the users for that designer so Embroidery Guruji has all the rights to block that designer from the website.

Embroidery Guruji will charge 10% amount of the payment for that design as a commission. Each time the designer gets the amount, 10% of that amount will be charged from that designer by Embroidery Guruji. The remaining amount will then be given to that designer.

Embroidery Guruji reserves the right to remove Content and to permanently delete an Embroidery Guruji Account in its sole discretion at any time. Embroidery Guruji also reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts or inactive accounts and to modify or discontinue the Embroidery Guruji site, services, or tools.

Before posting the designed pictures that contain Content which is secured by Embroidery Guruji and additionally global copyright laws as well as other pertinent laws, the designer must get the assent of the copyright proprietor to picture and show the secured Content.

The sole purpose of posting galleries at Embroidery Guruji must be the sale of the psd/jpeg files through Embroidery Guruji. Galleries posted for any other purpose are considered non- compliant with the principles of the website and will be removed.

Only registered Account Owners may upload jpeg files (‘Content’) and create galleries of photos to sell on Embroidery Guruji. Accurate identification and publicity of the gallery is the Account Owner’s responsibility.

Embroidery Guruji may share the Account Owner’s contact information with the Account’s customers, but will otherwise make every effort to protect the Account Owner’s personal information.

No inappropriate photos or messages will be tolerated. Appropriateness of postings will be determined by Embroidery Guruji, and the removal of inappropriate material (“Prohibited Content”) will be at the sole discretion of Embroidery Guruji.